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Berenice: lovely as always. Thank you for another very good set. Once again, though, I respectfully request you grace us with some unshaven sets. Full or wispy, natural is beautiful.

:) ... sorry 88chicken there is no more hair growing ...

Thanks you for the consideration, Berenice. I won't promise that I won't ask again. Have a great day, pretty lady.

103 is a pretty special picture - great pussy.

She already had feet to die for, but my god... Those calves are built well!

:) .. first compliment for my calves ... :)

I'm a little late on reading this reply, but I stop, stare, and admire your calves for hours.

By the way, I just realized that I had made another comment on your calves 4 days ago. :P.

  • zoon
  • 2 months ago:

Welcome back sweetie, finding your presence in these pages means always a relief for me. Picture No. 1 welcomes us to a good set.

Several frontal standing pictures feature your golden triangle marvelously. I miss a horizontal nude picture that in other sets I have rated a round 10 and that because a 12 is not available. Your body is so well proportioned that nears a standard of perfection for me. However those athletic photos here from below seem a little overexplicit to me. Indeed you are elastic and athletic, are you doing ballet?

I like your flying pictures here, but especially interesting for me are the face only ones. Numbers 93 and 117 are great, 119 and 120 fantastic: your eyes are beautiful, the closer to the lens the better. I hope dear Berenice that you keep doing beautiful, elegant, tasteful pictures, the classier the better.

thanks for your compliments ... and yes I am doing ballet :)

  • zoon
  • 2 months ago:

Fantastic for an extended career after you retire from modeling my dear Berenice! Ballet is a wise decision for nurturing and keeping healthy a privileged body, while continuing offering art and beauty by showing yourself at the best of your capabilities!

HEELS would have been appropriate at the opening of the set -- and might have been a big help.

The cover photo got my attention. I've had a crush on Berenice ever since her 1st photo shoot in that little black string bikini.
I'm pretty sure I've saved more of her butt photos than any other model.
If she doesn't have the most perfect ass, I don't know who does. That ass was made for kissing, and that's what I'd love to do!

Always a good day when Berenice comes to my PC! Warm, sunny and oh so flexible. She never fails to warm my heart and make it beat faster. IMO flawless!

Berenice,you´re very nice (I said it again..:)

The Seller

On a website that features beautiful women, Berenice stands out. She is truely beautiful.

Berenice you are the epitome of sensuality, eroticism, and stunning beauty

I mean, don't get me wrong. There's so much to love about Berenice, from her long dark red hair, to her fit and tones abs, to her poise and confidence, to her bold posing style. But good LORD, I can't take my eyes off of her absolutely M A G N I F I C E N T B U T T O C K S. Shots #60-65 are worth today's price of admission alone. OOOF.


Whew! What a woman. I look forward to every photo set. I hope she doesn't retire before I expire.

Loved the white thigh highs on Berenice's incredible legs.

nice eyes smile buttocks hair 114, Rylsky to

Oh Berenice! So, so nice! Thanks again for a wonderful show! :)

Gorgeous hair magnificent ass, don't take my word for it just look at #64! 8)

Perfect. Really perfect. That is Berenice, dear loveu69.

Kisses to both of you

The most beautiful ass in the world.....I cant believe how good she looks, I note some picture for me which I will like to have it into my collection....#61, #63, #64, #86 and #92 also she's pussy are charming especially when it's a little wet....#31 .....#32 looks fabulous.... and as always.......she's eyes....GREAT JOB RYLSKY and thank you Berenice!!!

I am glad you like our set :)

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

Hi gorgeous! Always a pleasure to see you, you're looking more stunning than ever! :-) xxx

Thank you, dear Rose:) Kisses :-***

Rose!! You're just trying to make us all jealous....it's working!! Lucky you ;))

It is sunsrise. Berenice is here. Once a month is Berenice Day. And this day is something special. Our angel, in all her beauty and seduction, is shown.
Even today's performance is erotic pure. The long beautiful hair surrounds the smooth pretty face and falls on a perfectly shaped body. Berenice can be seen in wonderful positions. From the front, from behind, from above and below. And one thing is always true: Berenice is a miracle of beauty, a masterpiece of God. To list individual parts of the body would not do justice to the person of Berenice. Therefore only so much. Every inch of Berenice is erotic poetry.
Thanks for that Berenice.

your welcome beetle .. I am glad I could "made your day"

And, my dear, I hope you "make my day" still many years. Not just for me, for our whole MA family. That would be great.

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