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Heavenly angels can go to hell when Bridgette Angel is here

Why would you have take off her dress and shoes already after only 16 photos? What a waste.

AGAIN!!! for the thousandth time!!! Why use the shoes if you're going to get rid of them in the third shot!
Unbelievable!!! Matiss is the worst when it comes to shoes!!!
He should watch Erro and learn!!!

Love everything about Bridgette, the dress, hair, eyes , cuteness and a lovely pussy! 10 :)

With all that redness (looks ouchy!) I'd suggest "let it grow a bit", just for once ;) But let's not start that over again.

Mmm, I'd say Ms. Angel would bring out the devil in (most) all of us................................

ADORABLE. Bridgette is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Love the little black dress, love her teasing expressions, love the finger biting, and OOOF, I love those shots of her bent over the back of that chair. She looks like she's having a good time putting on her little show, and DAMN, I'm having a good time watching it.

I mean, DAMN, look at #68. Such a cute facial expression, finger to the lips, and showing off that sweet, sweet bare little butt. How can you not fall in love with a girl like this?

A very seductive and expressive face.

Very nice, indeed --

She’s a wonderfully pretty girl.

Hi girlfriend. I really like your show today. That sexy little black dress and your cute little way of flirting made me stop and take notice. Not to mention those rear view shots which were enough to make me drool. Please come back soon.

The classic little black dress! To bad she took it off so fast! It sure looks great on her!

A little lift or two would have made me even happier. :)

Looks better on the floor, Hoppy. 😜

Sweet, beautiful, sexy, succulent, delicious, and damn close to perfection. 10+++. Many more returns, please.

They came off too soon -- but it's the thought that counts !

Thanx for the HEELS !!

Didn't think I'd ever say that three times in one day --

Bridgette, I can't decide which looks more inviting and prone for intensive care: your sweet smile, soft boobs, juicy pussy or shapely ass cheeks.
Makes me wish to have 3 mouths, 3 dicks 6 eyes and 6 hands at the same time...

To quote a famous musician. "I like a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket " maybe next time we get more jacket and less skirt

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