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Thats all?

Gorgeous girl but a dreadful set this time, both the hair and the ghastly setting

I opened picture 36 first by fluke and thought - wow this is going to be a great set - but the only lovely image of that wonderful pussy is that one - a cracket though. More of this please Callista - brilliant.

As we used to say to #57 - "Give it to me later, darlin'!"

Never stick out your tongue--UNLESS you intend to use it.

I don't like the use of soft focus in this set. It is a different setting, that much I do appreciate, not enough to overcome the photography. Arkisi has done better with beautiful Callista.

I know this isn't what I'm supposed to be paying attention to, but those bangs are distractingly awful.

Well, her hair stylist might have looked too deeply into those whiskey barrels??? or his eyes strayed understandably elsewhere...

but doesn't her impressive features by far make up for this almost neglectable detail?

Callista ............... mmmmmmh, how absolutley yummy. Every bodypart eatable.

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