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love this girl

Great set! This grooming aesthetic should be the rule and not the exception. I'd love to see Berenice, Hilary, and Emily adorned in a similar manner. Valeria, too. That woman can grow a nice bush!

Charm and elegance of sexuality - lust and desire and fulfillment embodied by a wonderful girl.


Dakota is simply fabulous! Just love this beautiful babe! ❤️

I like Dakota more with every new set. She has one of MET's best "do you like what you see?" smiles. Oh yes, Dakota, I truly do. Love those shots of her spreading out on the bed, love her cute little furry patch, love her MAGNIFICENT buttocks.

Dakota, sweet face and smile, lovely puffy breasts, sweet fuzzy peach pussy, bubble booty and beautiful feet. Perfection.

please continue to give us more of this cute!!

Once more the puffy princess - welcome!

love those puffies!

10 10 10 nicest lady nicest everything for long time!

Sunday perfection, and straight into view those lovably legs in suspenders and stocking followed by Dakota's totally lickable *****5 star anus and furry pussy. Not only that but we are treated to much more of that delectable ass when the stockings are off and superb close ups of that fanny and wonderful hairy mini bush.And lets not forget those nipples, breasts, warm sweet smile ,gorgeous eyes beautiful flowing hair......anyone one might think I'm besotted with her. 8)

Good morning loveu69. Wish you a nice and good sunday with all that beauties in MA and somewhere else.

Thank you beetle and good morning to you. I like the idea of the somewhere else, and I know where that is, now lets see if my wife wants her bits licked before breakfast. 8)

before breakfast? that IS breakfast.

You are and remain a connoisseur

Magnificent Set, Sweet, Sweet Pussy and Anus the total package! xx

Perfect lovely face.
Perfect puffy breasts with big areoles and pretty nipples.
Perfect full moon and smooth anus.
Perfect pussy and beautiful attractive pubic hair.
Perfect Dakota!

Stunning girl though

Don't like 'the hair' at all. What's attractive about pubic hair?...

maybe that's the way a "natural" woman looks.

It's more attractive than insulting comments about a model's personal choice.

Everything! 8)

...and that its part of Dakota

The total package. Long hair (which we don't see enough of). Pretty face. Knowing smile. Gorgeous from front and back. I am smitten.

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