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Download and switch back and forth between photos 32 and 34. Her right ear gets smaller, her right tit rises (without any arm movement), her belly changes, and the HP disappears from the photo. It's like a Find Waldo of photoshop. How many changes can be found? Photoshop is a necessary evil went creating the fantasy, but at least delete the photo that has been altered. I find Rosella to be beautiful, but I find myself wondering what is real.

Ooooh, I love Rosellas's outfit at the start of this set. Hooray! I would have loved some standing shots before it came off, but then again, I really like the shots with her pretty little butt in the air. :)

  • Rose
  • 2 months ago:

My type of girl, oh yes... very much "fit for purpose." Inspiring :-)

"Fit for purpose"!? lmao ;)) Rose what do you mean???.....sorry, yes of course, a new erotic story - be inspired ;p

Absolutely breathtaking. Rosella looks so fit, toned and fantastic in this set, and beautifully presented.

nice eyes smile tan

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